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Siel was born with the intention of transmitting passion and knowledge. The love for the sea and watersports is what has always pushed us to travel and discover unforgettable places and people.

After more than ten years spent in several spots around the world teaching sailing, windsurfing, surfing, wingfoil, kitesurfing and managing centers and schools, we have finally decided to put together all the experiences lived and learned and to open our Hub in Fuerteventura: A place where anyone can feel part of this wonderful reality made of sea, wind and adrenaline.

At Siel, we care about the quality of what we do and to share our knowledge in an efficient and safe way.

Our courses:

Our Kitesurf courses are held with the utmost attention to safety and to convey clear concepts to create solid foundations that allow the student to learn efficiently.

We are very aware that each person is different and unique, therefore our courses cannot be the same for everyone. In fact, the course descriptions are indicative, each one will be adapted in terms of timing and methods to every student.

Lessons are held by the raft away from obstacles, where all our students have walkie-talkies to be in constant contact with the instructor who will be in the water or on the boat, depending on the situation. Siel’s instructors are all qualified but above all passionate and share the same philosophy.


Siel is in collaboration with Ozone, one of the leading brands in Kitesurf and Wingfoil market. We have a wide range of kites, boards and accessories that allow us to adapt to each student with their own goals and at all weather conditions to carry out our lessons in the best way. We periodically check the equipment and renew it every season so that we can always offer quality products for both courses and rentals.

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