Beginner course

Beginner course

The Beginner kite course allows you to learn kitesurfing from zero. You will start at the beach, learning some theory about wind, safety, wind window and how the kite flies. After this approximately half an hour theory, you will learn how to fly the kite on the land, exploring the wind window and moving the kite through it (in the neutral and the power zone). Once reaching a safe and good kite control on the beach, approximately after the second day you’ll be able to put your skills in the water. In the first part you’ll learn how the relaunch the kite when it falls in the water and move nice and comfortably doing body drag to the left, right, downwind and upwind. You will keep improving your kite control skills to feel better and safer moving around and

recovering your board if you lose it. As soon as you reach a solid control on this part you will be ready to put the board on the feet and try the firsts waterstarts. The beginner kitesurf course can last as many days as you want, from Siel we recommend to you to 4 or 5 days course at least to reach a good and solid base to start with.


Single lesson

€ 150

3 days beginner course

€ 350

5 days beginner course

€ 560

Extra lessons after course

€ 110


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